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Photochrome is a process for producing colorized images from a single black-and-white photographic negative via the direct photographic transfer of the negative onto lithographic printing plates. The process is a photographic variant of chomolithography (color lithography). Because no color information was preserved in the photographic process, the photographer would make detailed notes on the colors within the scene and use the notes to hand paint the negative before transferring the image through colored gels onto the printing plates.The process was invented in the 1880s by Hans Jakob Schmid (1856–1924). Today we use the finest Canon equipment to reproduce these in Lugano, Switzerland.


We supply your museum, cafe, hotel or shop with Post Cards, Notecards and Posters!

We specialise in adding your shop, hotel, AirBnB or cafe logo to our archive of designs suitable for your location. We have a large collection of original vintage reproduction postcards from tourism locations globally.

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Framed Prints

We offer one size of black wood frame with white hand cut mats and Lexan glazing. This is (69 x 76cm) 27"x 30". We ship globally in sturdy packaging from Switzerland.

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Stretched Canvas

We offer super high quality hand stretched canvas in many sizes. Each image is printed with archival inks on German museum quality poly/cotton canvas. Art is wrapped around the sides. Each is stretched expertly over thick 1.5" (4cm) pine wood stretcher bars. Packed carefully and shipped globally.

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Wallpaper / Murals

Our adhesive-backed reposition-able wallpaper murals are the perfect choice, whether it's Mucha's Four Seasons or a Cappiello illustrated poster. Installation is a breeze, and removal is just as simple, making it easy to refresh any room whenever you like.

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About The Vintage Arte brand and Archivea GmbH

Terence Flynn was the father of the popular poster in America with the founding of his business Portal Publications in 1954. His business grew into a large and beloved team and published millions of posters and cards for more than 60 years. Terence, along with my father, Jack Weedn were world travelers and art publishers. They taught me well and I followed in their footsteps. I am Richard Weedn and Terence and I joined forces in the creation of the largest archive of vintage poster imagery in the world in 1985.

We begin our European business with our Photochome archive but will be adding posters and other photographic archives over the months ahead.

It has always been our mission to share the art we discovered along our many traveled roads.

Today our team is led by my son, Miguel Angel Weedn and myself with the encouragement of the Flynn family. We print and restore these poster images in our studios in Lugano, Switzerland.

We hope you enjoy the labor of three lifetimes of collecting and publishing.

This business is dedicated to Terence Michael Flynn 1927-2019 and Jack Robert Weedn 1925-2013 two US Navy Sailors now traveling in heavenly seas.